Meet Megan & Janna

Howdy! Megan and Janna are the co-founders of Midwest & Co., based in Kansas City. With backgrounds in software technology, they channeled their passion for design into creating unique and captivating spaces. After more than a decade in the corporate world, they dedicated themselves to a mission of helping people “Love Your Home.”

Since its launch in February 2021, the firm has rapidly evolved from small room makeovers to a comprehensive hub for remodels and new builds, successfully completing 90 projects within its first year and a half. Looking ahead to 2024, Midwest & Co. is shifting its focus from quantity to quality, tailoring each project to craft unique, curated spaces that authentically reflect their clients, with a special emphasis on large remodels and new constructions. However, accessible design remains integral to their approach, ensuring they continue to offer attainable makeover and design projects for all. Join Midwest & Co. and embark on a journey to “Love Your Home,” one personalized space at a time @mid_westandco on Instagram.





“We shape our homes and then our home shape us.”

-Winston Churchill